Damavand Peak

tour code :262

Tour Type :mountaineering tours

Season : Summer

Sex :both

Tour Price :160 $

Age :15-75


1 climber: 300 USD/person

2-3 climbers: 160 USD/person

4 and more climbers: 135 USD/person


Climbing permission

All transportations

Camps and breakfasts

Local guide


tour map

tour plan:

1st day At 4:30 Tehran - polur (90 km – 1:45 hrs.): At 4:30 start Driving toward Polur. Arriving in Polur mountaineering station (2270m altitude) at 6:30. Gallery
At 7 Polur mountaineering station - Goosfand Sara base camp (45 min off-road driving): Start driving toward Goosfand Sara base camp (3000m altitude) at 7 with rental 4WD cars, arriving there at 7:45. Gallery
At 8 Goosfand Sara base camp - Third Court (about 4 hrs.): Start climbing on southern route of Damavand peak, (your heavy packs can be carried by rental mules), arriving to Third court (4200m altitude) at 12. Free time for rest and eating light lunch. Gallery
At 15 Acclimatization (2 to 3 hrs.): Start climbing to 4600m altitude (or more), staying in this high for half an hour to get more prepared for next day climbing, coming back to base camp for spending night there. Gallery
2d day At 4 Third base camp - Damavand Peak (about 6 hrs.): Waking up at 4, start climbing at 4:30. Arriving to Frozen Waterfall (5100m altitude) at 8:30. Gallery
At 10:30 Damavand Peak: After 2 more hours climbing and passing Sulfuric hills, arriving to the Peak. Congratulations to you… you are on the highest point of Iran Plateau now (5609m altitude) Gallery
At 11 Leaving peak: after spending half an hour on the highest altitude of Iran and visiting Damavand’s crater, taking pictures and a quick rest, start coming back to Third Court. Gallery
At 14:30 Third court: arriving to Third court camp, staying there for 1 hour, lunch and rest. Gallery
At 15:30 Leaving Third court to Goosfand Sara base camp: at 18:30 arriving to Goosfand Sara base camp. Gallery
At 18:30 Goosfand Sara base camp - Polur mountaineering station: Driving down with 4WD cars, arriving to Polur at 19:30. Gallery
At 20 Polur-Tehran (90km – 2 hrs.): Driving toward Tehran, Unfortunately, it’s the last hours of our journey… arriving to your hotel at 22 and wish to see you soon. Gallery

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