14Day WestIR+Desert

tour code :256

Tour Type :Combination Tours

Season : Spring Autumn Winter

Sex :both

Tour Price :1325 $

Age :18-75


1 passenger: 2850 USD/person

2-3 passengers: 1325 USD/person

4-6 passengers: 900 USD/person

7 and more passengers: 720 USD/person


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All transportations

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tour map

tour plan:

1st day Tehran: Arrival in IKIA international airport, meet and transfer to the hotel. Rest and free time. (evening you might also visit someplace near your hotel in remaining time). Gallery
2d day Tehran-Qazvin-Hamedan (390 km – 5 hrs): driving towards Hamedan- en route visiting Sa’d-Al-Saltaneh caravanserai of Qazvin city, Heading to Hamedan, transfer to the hotel and rest. Gallery
3d day Hamedan: full day city tour of Hamedan, Iran’s history and culture capital. Visiting most important sites of Hamedan including Ganjnameh Ancient inscriptions and it’s natural waterfall, Cultural heritage and tourism base of Hegmataneh, Mausoleum of Avicenna dedicated to the Iranian polymath Avicenna. Gallery
4th day Hamedan-Ali Sadr Cave (70 km- 1 hr): Driving toward Ali Sadr Cave, the world's largest water cave that has a history about 190 million years. Visiting ancient artworks, jugs and pitchers dating back to 12,000 years ago on walls of cave. Gallery
5th day Hamedan-Kermanshah (190 Km – 2.30 hrs.): Driving toward Kermanshah, en route visiting Bisotun complex UNESCO world heritage site including Bisotun inscription, Hunters cave, Seleucid statue of Herakles, Farhad Tarash long smoothed rock and Abbasi Carevanserai. Heading to Kermanshah, Transfer to the hotel and rest. Gallery
6th day Kermanshah: Full day city tour of Kermanshah, Tagh-e-Bostan complex, Zagros Paleolithic museum (first Paleolithic museum of middle east), Khosro Parviz hunting ground. Gallery
7th day Kermanshah-Khorram Abad (190 km – 2.30 hrs): arriving to Khorram Abad, transfer to the hotel. After a quick rest visiting Falak-ol_aflak Fort, sign of Khorram Abad city, Keeyov lake or Gerdab-e-Sangi. Gallery
8th day Khorram Abad-Nojian waterfall (40 km – 1 hr.): Drivint toward Nojian waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. In evening visiting The broken bridge of Shapoori. Gallery
9th day Khorram Abad-Shush-Shushtar (260 km – 3.30 hrs): driving toward Shush UNESCO world heritage site, Visiting The Shahoor’s palace, Shush Castle and Apadana Castle. Continue driving toward Shushtar, en route visiting Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat UNESCO world heritage site It was built about 1250 BC. Arrival in hotel and rest. Gallery
10th day Shushtar-Ahvaz-Tehran (100 km – 1.5 hrs): visiting Historical Hydraulic System of Shushtar UNESCO world heritage site in the morning, driving toward Ahvaz. Transfer to the Airport. Direct flight to IKIA airport, Transfer to the hotel and rest. Gallery
11th day Tehran: Full day city tour of Iran’s capital including National museum of Iran, a lot museums depending on your style, Tabiat (nature) bridge. Gallery
12th day Tehran-Central Desert (310 km): Driving toward Desert with 4wd cars. Offroad and safari tour, visiting the great Sandhills and walking on them. Camping in the middle of Desert, Dancing, Music and Sing and fire round fun. Watching the beautiful Desert’s night sky (if sky is clear). Accommodation is depended on your opinion, Caravanserai or professional Camping style. Gallery
13th day Central desert – Kashan (100km – 2 hrs): visiting wild camels and Salty lake on the way, driving toward Kashan, en route visiting Ooyi Underground town, arriving to Kashan, Transfer to the hotel and rest. At night enjoy walking in one of the most important gardens of Iran, Fin UNESCO world heritage site. Gallery
14th day Kashan-IKIA airport (200 km – 2 hrs): depending on your flight time we might also visit 2 magnificent houses of Kashan, impressive symbols of traditional architecture of desert region Abbasid and Tabatabaei. Driving toward IKIA airport and unfortunately it’s the last hours of our journey together. Back to home and wish to see you soon. Gallery

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