Double Day Vashi Canyon

tour code :254

Tour Type :Natural Tours

Season : Spring Summer

Sex :both

Tour Price :120 $

Age :18-65


1 passenger: 210 USD/person

2-3 passengers: 120 USD/person

4-6 passengers: 100 USD/person

7 and more passengers: 90 USD/person


Free transportations with 4WD cars

First day breakfasts (resturant)

Lunch and dinner in camp (Barbeque)

Second day breakfast in camp

Professional camping facilities

Free tent

Constant native guide

+Gift: credit SIM cart 

tour map

tour plan:

First day At 9:30 Tehran - Firuzkuh (160km): starting our journey after eating breakfast in hotel. Passing Pardis, Rudehen, Damavand and Firuzkuh cities. A nice view of Damavand peak on the road, the highest peak of Iran. Gallery
At 12 Firuzkuh - Jalizjand : Arriving to Jalizjand village, about 1 hour Off-roading with 4WD cars. Arrival to Savashi plain, in the middle of two big canyons of Vashi. Gallery
At 13:30 Vashi plain: setting up our camp, cooking and eating lunch. Gallery
At 15 First canyon: exploring first canyon which is shorter that the second one with 250m length. To explore both canyons, walking in cold water of Savashi river is required. Gallery
At 18 Vashi plain – River side: free time: playing some group sports, fire round fun, enjoying the beautiful nature, exploring Vashi plain and the nature around. Gallery
At 21 Camp: cooking and serving dinner, free time to watch the clean bright sky, sleeping in tent. Gallery
Second day At 9 Camp: Eating breakfast Gallery
At 10:30 Vashi plain: leaving camp to explore the second canyon with 800m length. walking through river between huge stone walls of canyon, visiting an old inscription made by Hajjar-Bashi in 6*7 meters dimension in order of Fath-Ali Shah in Qajar period(about 180 years ago). Gallery
At 13 Second canyon: After passing several little waterfalls, arriving to the main waterfall, enjoy swimming in cold water. Gallery
At 15:30 Camp: coming back to camp, eating lunch and a quick rest. Gallery
At 6 Savashi plain – Tehran: leaving camp, driving toward Tehran. Gallery
At 9 Tehran: unfortunately it’s the last minutes of our journey, Back to hotel and wish to see you soon. Gallery

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