What to wear in Iran?

Ladies, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your hijab all the time. Normally the maximum penalty for disregarding the hijab rule is a simple request (usually in a kind way) by police or authorities to make it correct. There are some minimum requirements for female traveler’s dress-code in public places:

1-Color: it’s only a rumor that wearing must be dark in Iran. There is no limitation in this case and we recommend you use light colors specially in summer.

2-Head: although hair must be covered but it does not mean you should have a tight scarf around your head. It’s quite acceptable for women to let some of their hair fall freely. You can also use appropriate hats & caps as well as scarves.

The scarf is the most common covering for head and it’s called “Roosari” in Persian.

3-Body: body and arms should be covered by loose clothes called Manteo which is similar to a light overcoat.

4-Legs & feet: legs should be covered down to ankles. Tight jeans are no problem and you can wear sandals with bare feet.