Why Iran?


With 800.000 years of prehistory human civilization and 5.000 years of history and culture (from emersion of skilled man) Iran is one of the most ancient human residence regions on the earth, placed in Mesopotamia (Middle east), faced tons of battles, fiestas, victories, failures, hemorrhages, heroes, traitors and …

A lot archaic houses changed their usage to traditional hotels, therefor by staying in those hotels you can feel the emotions that the owners used to have. Always you can find a hotel that you can afford, Specially in major cities like Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad and etc.

Is it expensive to travel to Iran?

Furthermore, with plenty tourist attractions, appropriate transportation and accommodation facilities, this hyperphysical country is one of the most affordable countries to travel.

“Iran gained the first position before Egypt and Malaysia as the most affordable tourist destinations of the world in 2017” Daily telegraph said. 

Just history?

A treasury of history, culture and nature is waiting for you. Beside historical monuments, Iran has a various patterns of natural sites such as Lut Desert, Central Desert, several eye-catching canyons, woods, ski resorts and etc.

We at Traventure Iran with several years of experience of holding tours will help you to enjoy both history/culture and also, less seen natural sites of Iran.

Four seasonal country

Thanks to geographical location and vastness, Iran is one of the numerable Four Seasonal countries on the earth. Whenever you decide to have fun in a ski resort or have a journey in a desert, nature is ready to do the duty.so with slight limitations and differences, all 4 seasons are appropriate for a suitable travel to Iran.